Wednesday, August 8, 2012

The Magic's In Me!

Hi everyone! Happy Pink Wednesday! Sorry for the late post. I've been super busy!

This is just a quick post.

Today, well, since Monday actually, I've had on The Magic's In Me! I know it's pink, I was in pink mood! HAHA! Anyway, this is from Star Trinkets. I don't usually post other brands besides mine, however, I do support my friends. Even, if it is nail polish. This is a very pretty glitter polish. It can be worn on it's own or like I did, to save the precious polish I layered it over a pink. I'll use Susan's description, "The Magic's in Me! is full of holo glitter "hidden" in the sheer, shimmery reddish purple base. There is also larger fuchsia and gold hex glitter." Please visit her at Star Trinkets and take a look at all her goodies. She also makes jewelry using nail polish!

Have a great day!