Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Salon Fiasco

Hi everyone :D I hope y'all's week has been great so far. I'm sorry I've been gone for hot minute.

Just quick post.

Today, I woke up a little under the weather and decided I wanted to get my nails done. Not by me, but a salon. Before I start, I live in Houston but I'm from Rosenberg (30 minutes outside Houston.) I usually go back home to get my nails done by Tracy at Image Nails. Well, today, I didn't feel up to the drive and went to a salon near me. Now, I know that no one can do my nails the way I can. I stopped having high standards for salon manicures. Ok, that said. I have to say this is by far the worst salon mani I've ever gotten. I really wanted to get mad, but really, why? I knew the possible outcome. What did I do? I laughed inside, because the tech was proud of her job. Hehe! I didn't have the heart to get mad. I just let her massacre my nails. I love my nails and my polish but, well, their just nails. They'll grow back. Ok, on to the massacre of a mani. The first pic is the salon and the last two are mine. Can you tell the difference? HAHA!

These are after swatching about 4 colors.

Have a great day :D

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