Thursday, August 2, 2012

Thankful Thursday

Hi everyone! Happy Thankful Thursday! I hope y'all's week has been great! Today is my last day at my extern site, YAY!

Today, I'm thankful for the hash tag #godisgood. Seems kinda silly right? Not at all. Through that hash tag I met an awesome young man named La'Garien J Thomas. I really don't know how it happened actually. One day twitter told me I had a new follower. So, I look at his profile and see his website and decided to have a look see. I read his testimony and checked out his daily tips and was quite impressed with this young man. I don't think he's even 20 years old or just barely there. His passion and enthusiasm for God inspired me! He also has a Facebook page, I accidentally friend requested his personal Facebook, instead of liking his page, haha, anyway he accepted. How awesome is that! He also has an inspirational book coming out around the end of this month. If you all follow me on Twitter and Instagram, you all know I love devotional books. So, I can't wait to buy it! I believe there's a reason this young man and I crossed paths. I may not what it is right now, but I know in time God will reveal his reasons. Even though we're almost 20 years apart in age, it just goes to show that the old and young can learn and grow from each other. Wait, I ain't old! Y'all know what I mean! Hehe!

Thank you hash tag #godisgood.

Have a great day :D

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