Thursday, August 16, 2012

Thankful Thursday

Hi everyone. :D It's Thankful Thursday! And, indeed it has been a most fantastic Thankful Thursday!

Yesterday, I went to school to officially sign out, so I can graduate on time. Well, they said I had to do 2 more days of at least 7.5 hours each day at my extern site. I was not happy about that at all. But, it is what it. So, today, I'm seeing patients and they just kept me smiling and laughing all day! One guy gained a little weight. He says, "Gosh, I'm getting fat, ugh." Which, by the way he was not. I looked at him and said, "Sir, I will not feel sorry for you. Women have been struggling with this since forever." All the while laughing. He said, "Girl, you are one crazy white lady!" One patient's blood pressure was on the high side. The patient say's "I just get nervous around white folks!" HAHA He was joking of course. Then, a lady patient that takes steroid shots works out so much because she doesn't want to get bloated. She looked good to me. Anyway, we were talking about the bloating side effects of steroid shots. Well, she stands up and just rubs her body down and says, "BUT I LOOK GOOD!" OMG, she just had me cracking up!

They say laughter is the best medicine. I have to say I'll be good and healthy for a while. Thank you!

Then, I go to the post office to pick up a package. And, much to my amazement it's an awesome nail mail package from Inkypolisholicious I was so shocked! I quickly opened the package and there was a bag full of polish and snacks. Of course, I go for the food first! HEHE That was just icing the cake! Check out their blog. It's run by two great cousins. I have nicknames for them, Inky and Licious. So go check out Inky and Licious.

Thank you so much girls!

Have a great day!

The school called and said, I only have to do one day! YAY!

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  1. I think he probably meant that he gets nervous around beautiful women ;)