Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Happy Thanksgiving

Happy Thanksgiving everyone! To any of you who don't honor/recognize/celebrate this day. Happy Thursday to you! :D

Warning: Long post and I speak about my faith.

Dear Lord,

I want to thank You for Your gracious hand of favor on me this year. Funky Nails was launched and what an amazing journey it has been, with many great things happening next year. I have a wonderful family, two awesome sons and a beautiful daughter. We're a wild and crazy bunch and I wouldn't change that for anything. My boyfriend is a little cra-zay, but he's mine and I love him. Thank you Lord for You say, "With long life You will satisfy us and show us Your salvation!” My mom is here and cancer free because You are faithful to Your word. Thank you! You filled my life with so many wonderful people.

My life may not be perfect, but it's the life You created just for me. I'm not here to run anyone's race but my own, because it's the one You've destined me to win. I don't need anyone to approve me. You approved me before I was even born. Thank you!

Ok, I've said this before and I'll say it again. :D

"Our lives have been divinely linked together. I can't write my life story without including you. You can't write your's without including me. God connected us together to make us better. Proverbs says, As iron sharpens iron, so man sharpens another." ~Joel Osteen

I'd like to thank these people. Without you my life would not be the same.

Jesse Flores-My boyfriend
Kimberly S. Clay-@Sisterbration
Stephanie-Imperfectly Painted
Daniel Frampton-Evander Designs
La'Garien J Thomas-Appointed Words
Elizabeth Jing
Carolina-Colores de Carol
Marcella Garcia
Inky & Licious-Inkypolisholicious
Yessenia Rodriguez-Essential Therapy & Wellness
Melissa Booker-Cheesecake Factory
Patients during my externship
Owner of the Beauty Supply Store
My personal Facebook Friends
Susan-The Subtle Shimmer
Carli-Vintage Musings of a Modern Pinup
Amy Grace-The Polished Perfectionist
Miss Baraka
David Caballero-My Baby Boy
Sara-Lacquer Addictions
George-Walk of Christianity
Kiala-TKB Trading
Julia Perez-My BFF

Thank you all for sharpening me!

Have a great Thanksgiving!