Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Breast Cancer Awareness Month

Hi everyone! I hope the start of your week has been great! 

You all know October is Breast Cancer Awareness. Susan from The Subtle Shimmer created Polish Us Pink - Polish Us Pink for Breast Cancer Awareness. I paticipated last year and decided to participate again this year. 

For those who don't know. My mom was diagnosed with breast cancer two years ago. It was one of the hardest things to watch my mom go through. Through it all my mom never once wavered. She is the strongest, bravest, most courageous woman I know. Mom, I love you! 

Then, Thanksgiving Day I found a lump in my breast. It turned out to be benign, thank God. I cannot stress enough the importance of self exams and yearly mammograms. 

I don't want this post to be a pity party. So, to liven it up I'm going to talk about about a reality show I discovered last year. Double Divas. Talk about hilarious! This is two best friends Molly and Cynthia owners of LiviRae Lingerie in Atanta Georgia. The name and TV logo reeled me in. I'm a REALLY big busted person and for years I was in the wrong bra size. Bra shopping was a nightmare!  I absolutely hated it! So, of course a show about having fun while getting an expert bra fitting interested me. Not only are these two women funny, they care. They've oranized a fund raiser for a lady that needed assistance with her medical bills due to breast cancer. They custom create bras for everyone. From biggest of the big to the smallest of the small, even for a goat. Hehe! They truly understand and care that we women want to look good and feel sexy about ourselves. The lengths they through to help is extrordinary. They are true innovators and think outside the box. Kudos to these ladies. Plus, they're crazy as all get out! You'll laugh, you'll be shocked, and you may shed a tear or two. Check it out on Lifetime Tuesdays at 9:00 CST. 

So, today's mani is Exhilarating from my Every Woman Collection. This is the original. I'm remixing this to be more shimmery bubble gum pink. Susan, we're twinsies! Ok, maybe not as your a day ahead and may have a different mani. Hehe! 

Monday, September 23, 2013

Fairy Folk Halloween 2013

Hi everyone,

I'm so excited to bring you my 1st Halloween Collection! I asked my lovely friend and fellow blogger D'Anna from Not Another Nail Blog to name this collection. She did not dissapoint. Without further ado.

Fairy Folk Halloween 2013

These are all textured thermals.

Fairy Circle is green to yellow with green shimmer
The Wild Hunt is a yellow to orange with a green shimmer
Changeling purple to pink with a bit of linear holo
Glamour is  burgandy to red with red and bronze shimmer
The Winter Court purple to blue with pink and blue shimmer

Before we get to the pretty puctures: I've added Vanish Cranberry Fig to the site. 

To get to the shop go to the Underground Shopping tab at the top. 

Oh, and, don't forget I'm in the process of transitioning from Funky Nails to Underground. 

Saturday, September 14, 2013

Dream A Dream

Hi everyone happy Saturday! 

Just a quick update. 

As you all know I closed shop until I get back from out of town. 

While I'm here, let's talk about about Vanish. Vanish is a moisturizing nail polish remover. I'm absolutely in love this product! Not only is it moisturizing, it cuts through glitter like you would not believe! Just awesome, awesome, awesome! 

When I decided to create this product I was scared, nervous and anxious. All those emotions you get when embarking in unknown territory. That was me. I had to dig really deep and call on my Heavenly Father. Vanish to me is much more than a polish remover. It's my baby and labor of love. It took me almost a year to formulate. Of all the products I've taught myself to make, the soaps, lotions, bath bombs, lip balms, cuticle oil, shampoos, conditioners, facial creams, facial cleansers, etc. Vanish is the one that pushed me beyond my limits. I cried, I wanted to pull my hair out, and wanted to just forget about this product. And, I did. For a day. I got angry with myself because, the fear I realized came from what I call "The Big Company Syndrome."  This means I went to a place of fear. Fear, that me, a little girl who almost didn't make into this world, a little girl with such humble beginnings was trying to create something so big only "The Big Companies" can do. That anger lead to a new anger. I got angry with "The Big Company" for trying to instill fear in me. While they didn't actually do anything to me per se. My thoughts were, "How dare they think they're the only ones who can create something awesome!" So, I picked up the pieces of courage and determination I found laying on the floor and got back to it. And, now we have Vanish! 

Dream a dream so big and know God will not take you where He won't sustain you. 

Monday, September 2, 2013

Happy Labor Day!

Hi everyone! Happy Labor Day to my U.S. peeps. Happy Monday to the rest you all around the globe. :-)

After much thought and prayer about how to proceed with orders for Vanish. 

I decided preorders is the best route to take. 

Prices is as follows:

1 8oz bottle w/out pump dispenser - $8.00 + shipping
1 pump dispenser bottle - $2.00 + shipping

I'm offering these two options because I know lot's of us already have dispensers. 

Shipping will be as follows.

$3.80 for 1 8oz bottle w/out dispenser

Pre Orders will shop on or before September 13th. 

Lemongrass and Sweet Orange will be Underground's core scents for Vanish. 

I will be offering two LE fragrances for the holidays. I haven't decided on those fragrances, because I'd like to test those a bit longer. 

So, in honor of Labor Day the first 5 orders will receive a free pump dispenser! WOOT WOOT! 

Go to the Shop Funky Nails tab and shop Funky Nails!  

Friday, August 9, 2013

Fine Friday Finale!

Hi everyone! It's Friday! WOOT WOOT! I hope you all have some fabulous plans for the weekend. It's going to be a bittersweet one for me. My youngest, my cowboy, my favorite second born son will be leaving for bootcamp on Sunday. How the time has flown by! I remember when he was born. It was midnight when I went into labor. His father was at work. We dropped his big brother off at his great grandparents house. We finally decided on a name on the way to the hospital and at 6:31 P.M. November 29, 1994 he was born weighing almost 10 lbs. Now, he's growing into a fine young man. Mama will miss you son! Having said that. Mama is now FREE! WHOO HOO! Bwahaha! Ok, on to the mani. 

Today's Fine Friday Finale is my fine boyfriend, Jesse Flores! WOOT WOOT! His fav color is green. So For him I did an army green. I've shown this on IG as a base color for some glitter combos. Well, I tweaked it. About 2 1/2 months ago I ordered some texture additive and it finally arrived early last week or the week before. Bedazzle, forget bedazzle! I love this stuff! I want to to texturize everything! Anyway, on to my man's mani! Hehe! I added some gold and orange shimmer. I ended up making a black for my son's going away party last weekend and did an awesome mani! 

It took him minute to figure out why I kept taking pics! Haha! 

The mani I did for my son's going away party. 

Thursday, August 1, 2013

Manis for Austin

Hi everyone! I hope y'all's week has been a great one so far! 

It's Thankful Thursday! For those who don't know why I do these posts. This a way for me to slow down and enjoy this wonderful life God has given me. For too many years I was on the go. I was always working, just surviving, trying to get by. Never taking the time to enjoy life. Thanksgiving shouldn't be celebrated once a year. We should take time on a regular basis and be thankful and show appreciation. Sometimes, I miss a Thursday, but I do take the time each Thursday via Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram. 

Today, I'm thankful to God for my health. I was on Instagram yesterday and Kim aka @nailsandthings_  posted #wearplaidforaustin and #austinonellen Of course, this peaked my interest. I was like who's Austin? So I peeked at the hastag and learned who he is.  Austin is an amazing boy with a zest for life despite having Mobious Syndrome. 

From wikipedia: 
Möbius syndrome (also spelled Moebius) is an extremely rare congenital neurological disorder which is characterized by facial paralysis and the inability to move the eyes from side to side. Most people with Möbius syndrome are born with complete facial paralysis and cannot close their eyes or form facial expressions. Limb and chest wall abnormalities sometimes occur with the syndrome. People with Möbius syndrome have normal intelligence, although their lack of facial expression is sometimes incorrectly taken to be due to dullness or unfriendliness. Some infants require feeding through tubes, some children between the ages of 5-7 start losing their permanent teeth. The causes are poorly understood. 

Click here for the entire article. 

One of Austin's dream is to be on the Ellen Degeneres show to spread Mobius Syndrome Awareness. I would like to help him realize this to help him spread the awareness. I don't ask you for a lot. But, today I'm putting aside my awkwardness/shyness and I'm asking for your help. Kim and I would like to coordinate a time and day for all of us in the nail polish community to post our plaid manis with Austin's pic, hastag #wearplaidforaustin, #austinonellen and tag the Ellen Show. I know our nail polish community is not only about nail polish. We're a caring bunch of guys and gals! And, we want to help Austin spread Mobious Syndrome Awareness! This could be any one of us, or someone we love. Let's show Austin Hall and Ellen Degeneres how awesome the nail polish community is by showing our support! 

If you don't do nails, you're more than welcome to post a plaid pic along with Austin's pic with the same hashtags. 

Our goal is to post our manis by next Thursday August 8th. Please leave a comment if you'd like to participate. Or, you can email me at funky_nails@😍hotmail. For those participating I will add your link/info in my post. 

Have a great day! 

Friday, July 26, 2013

Fine Friday!

Hi everyone! I hope y'all had a great week! 

I've had this polish ready for quite sometime now. Two weeks ago I should've posted this, but I completely forgot! Then, last week was Mint Manis for Thalia Joy. Oh well. 

Ok, today's Fine Friday is Anderson Cooper! WOOT WOOT! Ok, before anyone says it, I know he's gay! Having said that, it does not take away the fact that he is H O T! When bff told me, my first thought was, "What?! No way!" My second thought was, "Oh well, c'est la vie." I still tune in to CNN to see his pretty blue eyes and hear his adorable laugh. My bad, to hear what's going on around the world, not The Ridiculist! Hehe! And, I have to mention his mom. I wasn't going to because I know all to well, who our parents are do not define who we are as individuals. But, come on! Gloria Vanderbilt! Her jeans have been many a rear. I would totally love to have her dress me! Yikes, this about Anderson! LOL! For Anderson I created a lovey lavender. I totally love this color, very romantic. I think I nailed it! He actually inspired two creations. I couldn't get a good pic of that mani, so you just get a bottle pic. I'll redo that one sometime next week or later today :D

@thousandshadesofglaze1 over at IG inspired this mani. 

I hope you like it! 

Disclaimer: Pics are not mine and I have not been paid or asked to write this post.

Have a great day!