Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Play Time

Hi everyone, Happy Wednesday, I hope the week is flying by for y'all.

Yesterday, I stayed a little late at work and I wanted to clear my head, so I planned on doing my nails. To just sit in the still quiet of the moment is awesome! Anyway, I'd just finished painting my thumb when Mr. Funky Nails came in and told me, "Did you see the package outside?" I'm like, "What, no way!" and ran downstairs. I knew what it was, but couldn't believe it arrived so fast! How on earth did I miss two HUGE boxes as I came in I don't know! I was torn between ripping the boxes and not wanting to ruin the one nail I painted. Haha! So, my honey cut open the box as I impatiently waited. Inside: bottles, brushes, caps, and bb ballz. I was in heaven! Then I couldn't decide to finish my mani or play with my toys. The toys won! Haha! I'm going to be so busy this weekend playing! I CANNOT WAIT!

So, that's why I don't have a polish post today. I did go through some pics, but didn't care for them. So I'm going to redo them before posting.

Have a great day!

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