Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Happy Wednesday!

Hi everyone, Happy Wednesday. I hope the week is flying by for you all. It sure is for me! Especially, when there's never enough hours in a day!

Today, I'm sharing a light milky blue based with multicolored small square glitter polish, with blue shimmer for good measure. The base color is a franken I did while I was at Funky Frenchies. I never did get around to showing it. Actually, I never had any intention of showing it on it's own. I still don't. When I first swatched it I didn't dig it and decided to use it as a base color for a glitter combo. Oh, I've shown this on IG too and was supposed to swatch it again before this, but didn't have time. It has a nice shimmer, I really hope I can get a sunlight pic. Anyway, this is two coats of the base color and one coat glitter. I topped with a TC of different brands. I just can't bring myself to throw them away, better to pour them all together. Ok, on to the pics.

Both pics are inside under artificial light. Sorry, I couldn't get a better pic of the macro shot.

Have a great day y'all!