Monday, January 21, 2013

No work for me!

Hi everyone, I hope you all a great weekend. Happy Martin Luther King Jr. day! I'm off today, WHOO HOO!

Today, I have a gold shimmer with gold hex and micro holo glitter. The base color is an orange from Ruby Kisses, it doesn't have a name just RNP65. I've had this since my Funky Frenchies days. If you've been with since the very beginning, you know I had about 200-300 (maybe more!) unswatched polishes O.O Caramba! I do have plans for all those polishes, but that's for another post. This is one coat over 3 coats of Ruby Kisses. And, since I miss Funky Frenchies. Ruby Kisses is a sheer syrupy polish, great for jelly sandwiching.

I wasn't going to mention my nails again, but every time I see the pics, it bugs me. I've been experimenting with so many things and burned two fingers. And, then, I went crazy with cuticles scissors. What should've been just clipping the hang nails, I ended up accidentally clipping my skin instead! OUCHIE!

Susan from the Subtle Shimmer recently sent me a macro lens and I'm totally obsessed with it! The left pic is inside and the right is outside in the shade.

Have a great day!

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