Sunday, October 21, 2012

Fabulous At Forty!

Hi everyone, I hope y'all's weekend has been great so far!

Warning: Long post.

First, I want to say, thank you Jesus for another wonderful year of life! Thank you for Your unmerited favor. As I look back on my life, I know it's not anything that I've done, but all that You did for me at that cross on Calvary 2000 years ago. All I can say is, thank you! I'm ready and willing to receive every good thing You have in store for me! In Your name Jesus, Amen.

Today is my birthday! Go Minnie, Go Minnie, it's your birthday, it's your birthday! We gonna party like it's your birthday! Fabulous I am! Hehe! Last night we celebrated me being fabulous at forty at The Houston Texans Grille. Yes, I know I'm not a fan of football. But, I wanted something that everyone would enjoy and not everyone loves sushi as much as I do. Go figure O.O The weather was awesome for a night on the patio. I couldn't have asked for a better night. Thank honey for putting it all together and everyone that celebrated with me. Y'all are the best, I'm so blessed to have wonderful people in my life.

Yesterday, I wanted to do some stamping for my birthday mani but was at a loss for inspiration. So, I decided to blog stalk for inspiration. I immediately went to Colores de Carol She has awesome stamping skills! I saw several I loved but, I didn't have the plates. I was so bummed. I really need to update my plate collection. So, instead I decided to go through my stash of frankens. I came across a beautiful vampy blood red glitter I did earlier this year. I don't know why I've never worn it before. It's such a sexy color color! The bad part is for the life of me I cannot remember which micas I used to make the base color. I know I used two, but which two, is the question. It has gold shimmer, red micro and hex glitter, with a very small amount of holo bits. It can be worn on it's own with two coats, but I used one coat over one coat of a brown creme. It is a very thirsty glitter! I used 1 coat of Nails Inc matte TC and one coat of Poshe TC. It was shiny with a bit of texture. I think one more coat of TC was needed for a smooth glossy finish. Ok, on to the pics!

The first 2 pics are inside under artificial light.
The 3rd is in the shade.
The last 2 are inside in my one room that gets direct sunlight.

Have a great day y'all :D

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