Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Pink Wednesday

Hi everyone, I hope you all are having a great week so far.

I went to my mom's yesterday and she had chickens! Chickens, on her porch! I'm like this could only be my grandmother's idea. I was raised in the country with chickens, pigs, cows, geese, you name it we probably had it. But that was in the country not in the middle of town! All I could do was shake my head. The things my mom does to make my grandmother happy. I giggled a little, the neighbors probably think they lost their minds. Haha :D

Today, I have Caviar Dreams by Funky Nails :D from her :D Lifestyles of the Rich and Famous Collection. For my base color I used Savvy Party Pink (my defiance against what I was advised) Anyway, I think they're being discontinued. So, Caviar Dreams is black and silver hex in a shimmery silver base. I love the color combo! I'm thinking I'm going to add more silver and less black. Idk, just thought. What do you guys think? Ok, I have a delima. I was ordering the glitter for Hooah! (from For the Troops Collection) and it's out of stock. I don't know if it's going to be available when I launch. I can remix it with a different pink/purple glitter, but I really like this color. So, what I'm going to do is remix a bottle and post the two side by side, so we can decide together. If, you want to participate that it is. I'll post those tomorrow.

Have a great day everyone :D


  1. definitely reminds me of caviar!

    Also, chickens are pretty awesome. I just wish they didn't poop so much.

  2. Chickens are great, I just wasn't expecting to see them on her front porch. I guess it's good her front porch is screened in! HAHA :D