Friday, June 21, 2013

Fine Friday

Hi everyone! I hope you all had a great week and have some great plans for the weekend. I played with mixing polish all week. How awesome is that! I was mixing colors for an upcoming Fine Friday post and went overboard on the white and made a pink instead. Y'all know how I feel about pinks! Haha! Anyway, if you follow me on IG that was my Pink Wednesday mani.

Today's Fine Friday is Robin Thicke. I had to mix it up before y'all start to think I only likes me some chocolate! I had to add a little cream to this here party! Haha! I wonder if Mr Robin Thicke knows he's cream and not chocolate? Hehe! And, don't think I'm being discriminatory, because I'm not. Please don't e-mail me or comment about white vs black and how dare I say such a thing. Ok, back to the fun stuff. When I was first introduced to Robin Thicke I was like, "Look at this white boy doing it and doing it good!" When it comes to music I must admit I am a bit slow. It's my bff who introduces me to music (Ok, not Lenny and KEM), as books are my thing. Thanks bff for introducing me to Robin Thicke! I was watching TV and he was promoting his latest song Blurred Lines, very catchy tune. So, I decided to watch the video. There's two versions the cut version and uncut version. I watched the uncut version first, I couldn't help it! Hehe! Anyway, my first thought was, "Ooo...You nasty!" Haha! If you've been with me for more than five minutes, you know I do a model catwalk every Friday. Yeah, this is the song I strutted to. :D When I first started working on colors for this post I was originally going for a gold. Instead, I went dark cherry red with a ton of gold shimmer. It turned out awesome! I absolutely love this color! It's opaque in just two coats. I did put four coats on my thumb, I couldn't help it! Ok, I used three coats and caught myself at the fourth. Lol! To show I do have some self control when it comes to red I did use only two coats on my index finger. :D I'll post a video on IG later today so you all can see the shimmer!

Ooo...You nasty! :D

Cut version

I hope you like!

Have a great day!

Disclaimer: I was not paid to do this post. Photos and video of Robin Thicke are not mine.

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