Friday, June 14, 2013

Fine Friday!

Hi everyone! :D I hope y'all's week was a great one! I really miss my niece Athens, so, this weekend she will be with me. Yay, I'm so excited! We're not gonna do polish this time. I know, bummer! This weekend we're going to be making lotions, shampoos and conditioners! WOOT WOOT!

Ok, for today's Fine Friday I have,  THE ONE, AND, ONLY, KEM! 

I told you all last week there's only two artists that have captivated me enough to purchase every album they've done. Lenny Kravitz was one and KEM is the other. The first time I heard KEM I was on my way home from work. It was close to midnight and Why Would You Stay came on as I was 30 seconds from pulling into the driveway. Well, I just kept right on driving! Haha! Nope, never done that before or, after for that matter. I was like, "Who is this man singing like this!" You know how the DJs usually say the name of the artist when the song's over. Well, that didn't happen! I didn't change the music station until they played the song again AND heard them say who the artist was. Share my life is my honey's ringtone. Yeah, I love me some KEM! After that I was on a mission to learn all I could about him. What endeared me the most was his testimony. To read his testimony click here. Long story short. He defeated the odds and gives all the honor and glory to the one and only creator of the universe, LOVE IT! I can sing you every song from every album. Ok, fine, I won't be as awesome as him! Ha! My honey keeps inviting me to concerts but I'm always turning him down. The first concert I go to will be KEM. Actually, my first concert was a Christian concert sponsored by a local Christian radio station. KEM won't mind. :D So, having said that my first 'mainstream' concert will be KEM. I did have the opportunity to see Mary J Blige, I just couldn't. I know, I know, Mary J is awesome! Don't get me wrong I love Mary J, but my heart is set on KEM. Even if I have to fly there! I can go on and on! But, I won't bore or scare you anymore. Hehe! 

This is a revisited mani. When I was thinking about KEM videos for color ideas what I remembered most was a lot of black and gray. Believe me, I didn't have to watch the videos again, I already know them! :D So, I went with a gunmetal gray I made last year. I know, I know, I was supposed to come up with a new color. But, this color was exactly what I was going for. Why change a good thing. :D This is metallic-ish with pink, purple, and turquoise shimmer. I say metallic-ish because it doesn't look metallic until you're in the sun. I'm going to shock you. This is my absolute favorite color I've created. I know, it's not red! Lol!

Ok, on to the pics!

I couldn't tell you which song is my fav because they all are! So, I'll put the song that drew me in and the song that just did me in when my mom was told she was cancer free.
Why Would You Stay
Mother's Love
These are all in artificial lighting

This is the original. Bummer, my nails are not that long anymore. :(


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