Friday, June 7, 2013

Fine Friday!

Hi everyone! I hope you all had a nice week and have some great weekend plans. Tonight I'm going out for sushi and then I'll be organizing the rest of the weekend. How fun, NOT! LOL

Warning this is a long post.

I've decided to do a fun Friday series. This series will be called Fine Friday. I need to liven this place up! I'm always thinking of ways to challenge myself. If we don't challenge ourselves, we limit ourselves. And, I don't believe in limits. I believe in pushing myself beyond the limits. Fine Friday is going to be about 6 fine men! WOOT WOOT! So, I'm challenging myself to come up with what I think these oh so fine men would wear. If, they wear polish that is. Why guys think only girls should wear polish is just crazy, it's just paint! They can pierce their ears, but not wear polish. Whatever!

Today's Fine Friday man is Lenny Kravitz! I've been a Lenny fan for many years. If you know me on a personal level. You know it takes a lot for me to buy a music album, much less every single album they've done. There's only two music artists that have captivated me enough to buy every album. Lenny Kravtiz is one. Ok, now the sad part. A few years ago my house was broken into and all my Lenny CDs were stolen. Jerks! Anyway, he was on Oprah's Master Class last Sunday and after seeing and hearing him, I'm on a mission to replace the albums. I have a dream book I call; Because God says so! In this book I have my goals, dreams, favorite bible verses, what I want for my sons and people I'd like to meet. Lenny Kravitz is in my book. Oh, never underestimate the power of God. My bff and I always said we'd go see Oprah Winfrey one day. Well, because the great and wonderful God he is. He brought Oprah to us. We didn't have to travel to Chicago, she came to Houston and I won tickets!

When I started thinking about colors, it was a no brainer. Black. But, I thought to myself that's not a challenge. So, I came up with dark brown olive metallic-ish color. This is a rich dark brown with orange and green shimmer. I don't normally wear these types of colors but I love it! I think I did pretty good! This is two coats and no TC. This is way darker irl.

Have a great day! I hope you like it! :D

Outside in direct sunlight.
Inside with flash
Inside under artificial light. These are the truest color.

How awesome does this look!
Here he is. Oh so fine!
I can't leave out this!
My Mama said


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