Monday, July 23, 2012

The wonderful ladies of Every Woman

Hi everyone, I hope y'all had an awesome weekend. Friday, we went to a DCI competition. Saturday, we went to a watermelon festival. Both of these were a first for me. I usually I like indoor activities because, I DO NOT LIKE THE HEAT! And, both of these were outside and let me tell you it was HOT, HOT, HOT! But, still I enjoyed both events. Sunday, after church we took our friend Kelly and her daughter to the Cheesecake Factory. It was a great weekend!

I've posted a couple of pics of some ladies in my Every Woman photo. So, I thought it would be fun to share who they are. These ladies were so kind letting me use their pictures. I couldn't find some of the original pics so I used what I could find.

This is my niece Teresa. She's the kindest, most beautiful young lady you'll ever meet. I couldn't pin her to just one, she's Every Woman rolled into one awesome package.

This is Samantha, my daughter in law. She's real, she's raw, she's ride or die! If you're ever in need of some back up she's your girl! I'd say she's a Daring Diva.

This is my Sister and her daughter Jasmin. My sister's the one in the Black Hawk on her way to a mission in Iraq. My sister is very conservative and loves a classic look. I'd say she's Chic. When my niece Jasmin was little she'd talk non stop. She was very inquisitive. I'd say she's Exhilarating.

This is my cousin Toni. I have acronyms for certain people, I call her my BCF (best cousin forever.) I'd say she's an Exhilarating Diva.

This is Kelly. I've know Kelly for a long time. I've just recently gotten to know her a little better. I'd say she's Vibrantly Exhilarating.

This is my BFF Julie and her BCF Diana (best cousin forever.) I'd say Julie is Daring. If you dare her to do something she rises to the occasion. I'll post a pic about that later. Diana is one harding working woman. I'd say she's Chic.

This is Cindy and my sister. Cindy and my sister have been best friends since they were babies. Literally, my sister was born 2 months after Cindy. My mom and Cindy's mom would take care of them for each other. I call Cindy: my sister's sister from another mister. Cindy is a force to be reckoned with! I'd say she's a Diva.

This is Sara and her husband George. Sara is such a sweetheart. I'd say she's Every Woman.

This is Yessenia. We just became facebook friends sometime last year. She's a great lady. She works for Essential Therapy & Wellness. If you're in Houston and need a healing touch she's your lady. I'd say she's Vibrant, Exhilarating, Daring, and a Diva.

Shannon is just awesome. I'd say she's Vibrantly Exhilarating with some Chicness thrown in.

This is Lindy, my son David's cousin. I've known her since she was five. Lindy was a good little girl and she's grown up to be a wonderful wife and  mother of three boys. I'd say Lindy is Exhilarating.

This is Elva. I've known Elva many years. She is without a doubt Daring. I could not find a pic of her smiling. Elva, smile girl!

This is Farnaz. She is exotically beautiful. I used to be her boss when I was a manager at la Madeleine. She's the reason my nails are now square. She's a very feisty young lady. I'd say she's a Daring, Exhilarating Diva.

I couldn't find a picture of the 5th lady from the right of the pic. Her name is Sherry. She's my son David's aunt. I've also known her since she was 5. Sherry is rowdy, rowdy, rowdy! If you want to have a good time she's your lady. I'd say she's Daringly Exhilarating. Sherry, if you're reading this, Don't be blocking me from downloading your pics! LOL
And of course me! Well, I'm Every Woman!

There you have it. All these ladies are special to me. Some I've known since forever, some I've just gotten to know. They're Vibrant, they're Daring, they're Exhilarating, they're Chic, and they're Divas. They are; Every Woman.

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