Saturday, September 14, 2013

Dream A Dream

Hi everyone happy Saturday! 

Just a quick update. 

As you all know I closed shop until I get back from out of town. 

While I'm here, let's talk about about Vanish. Vanish is a moisturizing nail polish remover. I'm absolutely in love this product! Not only is it moisturizing, it cuts through glitter like you would not believe! Just awesome, awesome, awesome! 

When I decided to create this product I was scared, nervous and anxious. All those emotions you get when embarking in unknown territory. That was me. I had to dig really deep and call on my Heavenly Father. Vanish to me is much more than a polish remover. It's my baby and labor of love. It took me almost a year to formulate. Of all the products I've taught myself to make, the soaps, lotions, bath bombs, lip balms, cuticle oil, shampoos, conditioners, facial creams, facial cleansers, etc. Vanish is the one that pushed me beyond my limits. I cried, I wanted to pull my hair out, and wanted to just forget about this product. And, I did. For a day. I got angry with myself because, the fear I realized came from what I call "The Big Company Syndrome."  This means I went to a place of fear. Fear, that me, a little girl who almost didn't make into this world, a little girl with such humble beginnings was trying to create something so big only "The Big Companies" can do. That anger lead to a new anger. I got angry with "The Big Company" for trying to instill fear in me. While they didn't actually do anything to me per se. My thoughts were, "How dare they think they're the only ones who can create something awesome!" So, I picked up the pieces of courage and determination I found laying on the floor and got back to it. And, now we have Vanish! 

Dream a dream so big and know God will not take you where He won't sustain you. 

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