Friday, August 9, 2013

Fine Friday Finale!

Hi everyone! It's Friday! WOOT WOOT! I hope you all have some fabulous plans for the weekend. It's going to be a bittersweet one for me. My youngest, my cowboy, my favorite second born son will be leaving for bootcamp on Sunday. How the time has flown by! I remember when he was born. It was midnight when I went into labor. His father was at work. We dropped his big brother off at his great grandparents house. We finally decided on a name on the way to the hospital and at 6:31 P.M. November 29, 1994 he was born weighing almost 10 lbs. Now, he's growing into a fine young man. Mama will miss you son! Having said that. Mama is now FREE! WHOO HOO! Bwahaha! Ok, on to the mani. 

Today's Fine Friday Finale is my fine boyfriend, Jesse Flores! WOOT WOOT! His fav color is green. So For him I did an army green. I've shown this on IG as a base color for some glitter combos. Well, I tweaked it. About 2 1/2 months ago I ordered some texture additive and it finally arrived early last week or the week before. Bedazzle, forget bedazzle! I love this stuff! I want to to texturize everything! Anyway, on to my man's mani! Hehe! I added some gold and orange shimmer. I ended up making a black for my son's going away party last weekend and did an awesome mani! 

It took him minute to figure out why I kept taking pics! Haha! 

The mani I did for my son's going away party. 

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