Tuesday, September 25, 2012

A tour of Funky Town

Hi everyone :D I hope you all are having a Terrific Tuesday! So, yesterday I went to Staples to order new business cards and other things for Funky Nails. I have my flash drive on my key chain and give it to the guy so I can upload my pics. Well, I ended up leaving it there! So, I'm without a car :( Good thing is I'm getting a lot done today.

If you follow me on Twitter and Instagram, you may have seen my new blog header. I thought I'd take this opportunity of being stuck at home and take you on a tour of Funky Town.

I have to take you all back a little and give you some history. A few months ago I was reading 'You Are Made For More' by Lisa Comes. Very good book. If you haven't read it, you should. For those of you who don't know, Joel Osteen is her brother. And, by the way, my Pastor :D Anyway, I've always known we're more likely to realize our dreams and goals if we write them down. You know, put them out into the universe and give it God. I'd been meaning to do this for many (like 15) years, and, well, life just passed by and I never did. Well, she talks about the importance of writing our dreams and goals down. So, I said to myself "It's time to do this." I started thinking about what I want for my life, my family and Funky Nails.  So I made a Dream Book. I even put pics of people I'd like to meet one day. Guess what? I'm meeting two of the people I put in my Dream Book! How awesome is that! I don't have too much in my Dream Book; Yet. Well, I decided to take it a little further and not only write in my Dream Book what I want my brand to be. But, put it online for the whole world to see. Yeah, I may be taking a chance by doing this, but I serve a God that's bigger than the world. You see, the God I serve wouldn't put a dream so big in me and not carry it through. One day I'll take you on a journey of my Dream Book. For now, we'll start with Funky Town. I'll let you all ponder what I want for Funky Nails by looking at the pic :D

When I started this journey with Daniel from Evander Designs. He exceeded my expectations. He made many changes and additions, I thought he was going to fire me at one point. Haha! But, no, he didn't. He was patient and encouraging the whole time. He kept me informed all through the process. I highly recommend him if you need work done. His price is very reasonable too.

This is for my business cards.
These are what I'm calling Citizen Cards. I'll be sending these out with every order.
Funky Town buildings actually came from pics I took of my home town and sent to Daniel. I wanted my home town incorporated into Funky Town. Ok, let's start from left to right. The billboard; Here, Mayor Minnie is welcoming you all to Funky Town. Population: Ever Growing. Next, is the Shimmer Shack. This is where all things shimmery will be coming from. The Shimmer Shack actually back in the day used to be a restarant called Eats and Sweets. Now, it's Sandy McGee's. The best gourmet sandwich spot ever! On to the next building. We have the Glitter Gallery. Yup, again, this is where all things glitter will be coming from. The Glitter Gallery is actually a court house called the William B Travis Building. In the middel of the road you see a sign. Well, one side says 'Rose' and the other says Rich. Where I'm from is often referred to as Rose/Rich. Why? Because, the towns are so close together. So close in fact. When you cross the street you're in the next town. Rose=Rosenberg and Rich=Richmond. Next we have the Holo House. Ok, self explanatory. This is the Court House. The Holo House will be where I conduct Funky Nails business. Next we have the Lacquer Loft. This is the Funky Nails wharehouse. Where all of your beatiful lacquers will be coming from. The Lacquer Loft was a grocery store called Loves. A long time ago, you used to be able to go in there and purchase on credit. When I was little, I used to go in there all the time and take stuff. I wondered why I never got into trouble. Well, because they were adding it to my mom's tab! HAHA! Oh, those were the days! Now, it' called Richmond Foods. I think you can still purchase on credit there. I still refer to it as Loves though. Last but not least. We have the Funky Nails delivery truck. The truck is on it's way to the Lacquer Loft to pick up and deliver all these lovely lacquers to all you wonderful Funky Town Citizens. There you have it. Funky Town; My home town. I hope you enjoyed the tour :D
Have a great day y'all :D