Saturday, April 13, 2013

The Weekend Is Here!

Hi y'all! It's the weekend! My plans are to go to work. I hope you all have much better plans than mine!

Today's post is the topcoat I posted Thursday. I decided to try it over a burgundy base color this time. I haven't had time to play and mix up my own burgundy, so I used an Orly. Gosh, I really need to make time to play with all my bases. It just seems something is always going on and I never have the time. I think I'll take Nike's advice and "Just Do It!" Anyway, the best way to describe this topcoat is to think Revlon's Fantasy Fire. I do have FF, but haven't gotten a chance to properly swatch it. I really love this topcoat! It has a shimmery red sparkle and you know how I feel about red! For those who don't know. I LOVE IT! :D It has a bit of blue and gold sparkle too! In my opinion this is a topcoat to wear on a bright sunny day. I think I'll try it over a lighter color and see how that looks.

Have a great weekend!

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